Phosphatidic Acid


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Phosphatidic Acid has been reported to activate the mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) signaling pathway and is thought to enhance the anabolic effects of resistance training.

One of the important aspects of Phosphatidic Acid as a supplement is it is actually really well absorbed.

This diacyl-glycerophospholipid signaling molecule powerfully activates and amplifies muscle cell protein synthesis for rapid, real gains in lean muscle and strength.

What does this mean? RESULTS with no known side effects.  Muscle gains, strength gains and endurance gains!!

A study conducted showed subjects ingesting 750mg of PA, demonstrated a 12.7% increase in squat strength and a 2.6% increase in LBM (lean body mass) in an 8 week period at only 4 days of medium resistance training per week.

Perfect for men and women!


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