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Some women deserve the best of everything. The finest craftsmanship, the best ingredients and the loveliest presentation. If you consider yourself one of those women then ATS Labs has formulated HER just for you.

HER contains a clean, feel good energy complex with laser focus led by Dopaphin3 ™? that lasts for hours.

HER can boost performance and metabolize fat for energy while helping a woman maintain her ideal weight.

HER is full of natural ingredients, banned-substance free and properly dosed for a woman’s physiology.

HER is filled with the antioxidants and minerals that provide the metabolic support every woman needs.

HER supports your lean muscle mass making sure you stay strong and toned with every rep.

HER is a true designer preworkout. Efficiency is maximized because we combine preworkout nutritional support, powerful fat fighting ingredients and only the finest performance enhancers in one product. Made for the female athlete in all of us – StrongHER than ever.


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