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Fitness is a unique field defined by its near constant change.  It’s true that some athletes push the envelope with training techniques and performance enhancing drugs.  But it’s also bred a new class of athlete willing to reevaluate and reestablish natural compounds to level the playing field.  One such compound is Epicatechin.

Epicatechin is a very specific bioactive compounds that yield benefits to one’s fitness.  In fact, it’s thought of by many as the perfect bodybuilding compound.  It increases nitric oxide levels in the blood.  This increases blood flow and circulation around the body which increases oxygen and nutrient delivery. Increased oxygen and nutrient delivery can have a positive effect on athletic performance, endurance, recovery and growth.

Unfortunately, as we age, myostatin levels rise and follistatin levels decline, which is one of the many reasons why older individuals have a harder time building muscle. But, recent research has shown that ingestion of epicatechin has led to significant changes in the follistatin-myostatin ratio

The mechanism that Epicatechin does this by is simple.  Epicatechin causes increases in nitric oxide by inhibiting the process that breaks down nitric oxide in the blood. The less nitric oxide that is broken down means more is will be available.

Epicatechin is suggested to be a Myostatin inhibitor, which also means it upregulates Follistatin. Myostatin acts a regulator/ suppressor for muscle growth, limiting how much we grow. Follistatin promotes muscle growth as it hinders the signaling of myostatin. Myostatin and Follistatin work together in ratio, so Epicatechin throws this off.  Myostatin inhibitors are extremely sought after as they are considered the best natural muscle building supplements.

Epicatechin can be taken at any time of the day as it doesn’t have any kind of stimulatory effect. To maximize the effects of the increased nitric oxide levels, taking Epicatechin pre-workout would benefit the athlete.  A typical dosage of 200-300mg works well, especially when taken all at once.

ATS Labs Epicatechin is composed of the cleanest and purest Epicatechin available on the market.  We have maximized the dose for the best results without the typical side effects of high dosed epicatechin supplements.  The ideal dose of Epicatechin per day is 300mg total which is what ATS Labs Epicatechin is dosed at!

** Increases in nitric oxide levels can be seen 30-60 minutes after ingestion.

** Increases in strength and muscular endurance take 7-10 days to become apparent.

** Increases in size are usually noted within 30 days given an adequate increase in calories.

Further more, Epicatechin supports

  • Endurance boosts
  • Fatigue reduction
  • Glucose tolerance improvement


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