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Alpha Mass X is a combination of many powerful compounds that help make the body release more growth hormone for the purpose of muscle growth, body fat reduction, faster muscle recovery and lean mass promotion.
The pituitary gland, located in the base of the brain, secretes 9 hormones into the blood stream. Some of those hormones released are adrenocorticotropic hormones, luteinizing hormones and follicle stimulating hormones, all of which affect growth. The largest hormone influence on growth however comes from GH. GH is the most important human growth regulator in the body. Alpha Mass X’s main ingredients: Deer Antler Velvet, 3 4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran and 3 5 7-trihydroxy-4-methoxyflavon assist the pituitary gland in releasing more GH throughout the body. As opposed to adding a hormone to the body, Alpha Mass X stimulates its release at its natural source which in turn will provide a well-balanced, “natural” distribution of hormones in the body. What does this result in?
» Faster muscle recovery
» Faster muscle repair
» Lean mass gains
» Body fat reduction
» Strength gains

Stack Alpha Mass X with Alpha 1-T² from ATS Labs for unreal muscle and strength gains. The combination of the two powerful products will result in extreme muscle hypertrophy!

Stack Alpha Mass X with 1024 from ATS Labs for a fat shredding, lean mass promoting effect. This combination will result in extreme fat loss and hard, lean gains.

Alpha Mass X should not, under any circumstance, be stacked with both Alpha 1-T² and 1024 at the same time.


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