Over my years of training for my goal, whether it be basketball, football, power lifting, etc…, I was having the hardest times to excel forward past my peak. I was doing the normal train and reached a max of 210 lbs in weight. Once I Had talked to Aiyad about ATS labs and what they could do for me, I had to hop aboard.

Once I had started his program with Stenevol I had noticed change within 2 weeks. My lifts were dramatically changing in weight and reps.  I had already gained a solid 10 lbs and continued forward. I have always struggled with a lower lumbar disc degeneration and a doctor had told me that I was no longer able to do squats without the risk of a disc flying out. Now I am proud to say that that doctor was wrong. I am now able to do a solid 405×10 reps on squats and it only gets better. If you want my advice, don’t hesitate! If your like me, my body is a machine and ATS labs is my rocket fuel!

Mr. Arie C Van Dyke
Operations Assistant Coordinator

Epidrol:  I had always wanted to gain more mass and size but could never seem to break through my weight of 150 lbs.  I had seen great results with taking Winalean and heard about Epidrol.  Within one a month cycle I was able to put on 12 pounds of mass and saw significant gains in my strength in the gym.  I am currently back on Epidrol after taking a few months off after the post cycle, and again within a few weeks time have already seen gains in strength and around eight pounds of mass.  If you want to have moderate gains in mass and boost your muscle strength then Epidrol is the product for you.

B. Hollis (Houston, TX)

I have been using ATS Labs products for about 4 months now and couldn’t be more satisfied with the results!

Winalean suppresses my appetite and spares muscle loss while dieting down to lower digit body fat, and gives me a good boost of energy in the mornings. I was able to lose 8 pounds and 2 inches off my waist on the first bottle without any loss in strength. It gave me a great V-Taper and for the first time I had vascularity in my lower abs.

Right after my cut with Winalean, I started a ‘smart bulk’ with Stenavol gaining back those 8 pounds and then some; but this time it was lean, dry muscle. My max bench press jumped up 40 pounds, and squats went up 50 pounds in about 4 weeks. I also noticed a huge increase in vascularity and very little water retention. Stenavol is definitely the most effective muscle builder I have ever used, and I experienced no side effects while or after taking it.

Thus far I have nothing but positive things to say about these products, and will continue using them to help reach my fitness goals.

Josh B.

ATS Labs’ Spawn Rx is an amazing product. After being on a plateau for 4-5 years and trying numerous supplements and workouts to spur growth, with no significant results, I ran across Spawn while in Houston on a business trip. I was skeptical, but a local lifter in the area couldn’t stop talking about it, so I had to try it. After1 month on Spawn I increased my bench from 305 to 345. I gained 14 lbs and retained a solid 11 lbs after my PCT with almost no loss in strength. About 4 months later I tried ATS Labs Omnadrol and gained an additional 16 lbs on top of what I already kept from the Spawn Rx. I am a naturally lean guy but the muscle pumps and vascularity with ATS Labs products are awesome and don’t compare to any other OTC supplement I have ever seen. I currently order ATS Labs products for several of my friends and everyone has seen comparable results.

Thanks ATS Labs for inspiring athletes to excel beyond what they could ever imagine.


ATS Labs has developed some of the best products I have ever taken.  I am 28 years old and work in the law enforcement field, I am 5’8” and now 168 lbs.  I have been working out both in the gym and various other cardio and plyometric training for about the past 16 years.  I have been taking various workout supplements off and on for many years and have never found a product that really works without having to worry about crazy side effects, but I have found that product with ATS Labs.  They develop extremely clean and safe products that can be taken with the comfort of no negative side effects.  I have taken the various products from Winalean, Epidrol, Body Shield, Proflex, and Post-cycle.  Please read my testimonials about both Winalean and Epidrol.  I started taking Proflex about a week after dislocating my shoulder and within three weeks I was back in the gym doing workouts and pull ups after a very bad dislocation.  I would highly recommend any of the products that come from this company.  ATS Labs will help you get the exact product you need for what you want to accomplish.  They are constantly developing new products that continue to prove to work.  Trust me once you try their products you will be hooked.

B. Hollis (Houston, TX)

I want to thank you for turning me to Megadrol. I just finished my first cycle and took Rebound as a post cycle and there is a very noticeable difference in my size. People I see everyday will walk up and comment on my size. Not only did it add the appearance of size, but also strength. My overall gain on Megadrol was 13 solid pounds, and I have kept every pound. After seeing the affects of Megadrol, I’m eager to see what some of your other products will do.

D. Cline – Spring, Texas

I am an athletic 24 yr old female, I wanted to put on a few more pounds of lean mass without losing my “feminine touch”…a girl at the gym told me about Lady Lean. I got on it after the great reputation I heard about ATS Labs…guess what? WOW!! I loved it, I lost an inch off my waist in 3 weeks and gained those few extra lbs of lean mass I was looking for. All I can say is I am impressed. I am on the HGH spray from ATS Labs right now and I love it. I got my mom on it too and she loves it. Thank you for the great quality!!

Kristie Hudson – Aspen, Colorado

I have been a gym rat and a supplement junkie for a long time, spending ridiculous amounts of money on national brand products from the usual suppliers. 3 years ago I stumbled across Alpha 1t while experiencing a plateau in gains. It was marketed as a test booster with what sounded like skeptical claims.
I will let you do your own research, but I am here to tell you that this is not hype. 7 days into my first cycle I could feel my body changing. The second week came along and I was literally watching the numbers on the bathroom scales rise as I would eventually put an extra plate on for my bench workout during that first cycle.
After 15 pounds of muscle and 50 lb increase in bench I knew this was no joke. I train hard, this is not a magic pill but rather an excellent resource and tool that will help you get over that hump. I am a regular guy living right here in the Midwest. This is not BS.
3 years later I have used ATS Lab’s products to help prepare myself for competition at the collegiate level. I have stacked Alpha 1t with “1024” to help keep estrogen in check. I include their pre workout ‘boom” in my regime for unbelievable energy and pump without jitters or crashing. It is a smooth and consistent rush of endurance.
I have put on 45 lbs of muscle in 3 years and currently bench,squat,clean 350/500/350 at 5’8″ and 210lbs. Hands down the best product s I have ever used.
You are really going to be think this is bullshit but I have no reason to lie.
I am going to stop taking Alpha 1t because I continue to get accused by my peers and competitors of using steroids.
I hope this helps. I truly am a huge fan. Every time I go into Complete Nutrition they try to sell me something bigger and better. And I have given in on occasion and tried the latest craze, only to return to what really works.

Richard Kansas

Winalean:  I have been using ATS Lab products for almost a year now and have seen great results with all the products I have used.  I first started taking Winalean many months ago and took two cycles back to back, gaining around four pounds and trimming off the fat. I could see a very noticeable difference as I dropped the fat when I was taking this product.  One of the great things about this fat burner is it helps to gain muscles while taking fat off your body, trust me you will see results. One thing I noticed about taking this product was I didn’t have to change my diet at all to trim the fat off.

B. Hollis (Houston, TX)

I wanted to take time inform you that your products are amazing. I currently work as a police officer and a trainer / nutritionist here in the Austin, Texas. I have been in law enforcement for over 6 years and in the trainer / nutrition industry for over 10 years. I have taken and promoted many different product lines before but your line supersedes the rest. For over 3 years now your product line has produced lasting results and your company continues to amaze me with products that excel. I have recommended your products to many of my clients and have witnessed not only improved performance but gains that actually last from the products you produce. As a law enforcement officer, it is imperative that we stay in top shape in order to preserve others lives, as well as, our own. There is no doubt in my mind that your products help me stay in elite shape which allows me to be alert and ready for work. Thanks and keep up the good work by providing us in the athletic industry with elite products and materials.

Mark T. – Austin, TX

I was fat and out of shape. I decided to dedicate my life to proper diet, exercise and ATS Labs after the guy at the local Nutrition Store recommended their products. Along with a clean diet and exercise, I got on Lipo Blast Xtreme for about 2 months, then I followed it with 2 months of Winalean…all I can tell you is pictures are worth a thousand words…

John S. – Houston, Texas

I take TEST PSI now for 6 weeks and I see big difference in muscle mass and I am more leaner. I will continue to take TEST PSI then probably take the winalean. Thank you for great product.
حاسس نفسي هوايد انشط و اقوى!! مشكور

Jessar AbdelKareem – Kuwait

I have been on the HGH spray for over 5 weeks now and I am loving the results…at 54, I was losing hope..but guess what?? My skin is tighter, my cuts heal faster, I sleep better and I definitely feel healthier. I’m sold!!

Olivia Marcel – Dubai, UAE

I don’t know how to thank you guys enough for making supplements with effectiveness of this magnitude. Prior to trying your products, I was about 160lbs with little to no body fat or muscle mass. I had tried multiple types of supplements from different stores, but nothing came close as far as effectiveness. When I first heard about the Alpha 1t and Mass X I was beyond skeptical. People at my gym had been talking about it and the results sounded too good to be true. I tried and and was thrilled. After taking two cycles of it I was up 39 lbs in 4 months. When the Alliance came out, I tried that and gained another 14 lbs by stacking it with the Test PSI. The stacks aren’t the only great thing about your company, but their pre-workouts, Weapon-X (my favorite) and BOOM are also phenomenal. I’m beyond excited to try the new protein, and am always returning not only for the products, but the customer service. To anyone reading this: If you describe to them your situation and your goals, they always have a solution and a custom stack to tell you about. I couldn’t recommend this company to you more. With the Protein and BCAAs you guys just released, you just became my one stop shop. Thanks so much for everything!

Joe C. – Potomac, MD

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