Alpha 1-T is composed of 3 compounds: Tibullus Terrestris, 3-hydroxy and Androst. When combined together, these 3 extremely effective compounds yield awesome muscle gains, significant fat loss and a boost in strength.

3-hydroxy- 5alpha -androst- 1-en-17one is a precursor to 1-test, the body's main building block of muscle tissue. When 3-hydroxy- 5alpha -androst- 1-en-17one is consumed, the body recognizes it as 1-dhea and begins to go to work. The human body converts the 3-hydroxy into 1-test where it is used to increase and repair muscle tissue.

The addition of Tribulus Terrestris allows for a SLIGHT boost of the body's natural test level, enough to allow the newly converted 1-test to "blend in" with the natural test and prohibit any "shutting down" of natural test.

Neither of the above mentioned compounds causes any kind of Estrogen aromatase, therefore, the Androst will act as a leaner instead of an aromatase inhibitor. So the gains will be lean and dry.

Alpha 1-T is a powerful blend of proven compounds that is designed for the advanced athlete. Team Alpha 1-T up with a good exercise regimen and watch your body transform!

 Lean, dry muscle gains…gains as much as 15lbs have been reported in one month!!!
 Body fat reduction
 Fast muscle recovery
 Visible gains in as little as 5 days!!
 Strength gains within the first week!


Stack Alpha 1-T with Alpha Mass X from ATS Labs for unreal muscle and strength gains. The combination of the two powerful products will result in extreme muscle hypertrophy in a short period of time! Gains upwards of 20lbs have been reported.

Stack Alpha 1-T with 1024 from ATS Labs for an unreal cutting, lean mass promoting effect. This combination will result in more prominent muscle definition, noticeable strength gains and a leaner physique. Gains upwards of 15lbs and significant fat loss have been reported.

Alpha 1-T should not, under any circumstance, be stacked with both Alpha Mass X and 1024 at the same time.

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